13 Jun


Ever since Apple announced its latest stable update, iOS 11, last year, the tech giant’s software has been accused of being ridden with bugs so much so that the company had to focus on “doubling down on performance” with iOS 12. However, it seems the company’s woes are not yet over as some users are now reporting an issue with iOS 11.4 that is causing battery to drain at a drastically high rate on iPhone and iPad variants. Apple is yet to comment on the issue and release a fix for the same.

In a post on Apple’s forum by user Zide99, iOS 11.4 has been reported to be the cause behind rapid battery draining issues on an iPhone 6 unit. Comments on the thread also claim that battery percentage on their devices has gone down within minutes with no apparent reason. One comment suggests that unintended activation of personal hotspot has been the major battery hogger in iOS 11.4, utilising as much as 47 percent of overall battery usage.

Further, one user claims downgrading to iOS 11.3.1 has helped counter the situation significantly. Lastly, one of the comments states, “My iphone 6s has the same issue after updated to ios 11.4. I charged it up to 100 percent, rebooted it then let it stand by for 4 hours, the battery indicator dropped to 40 percent. It has been 3 days since I updated to ios 11.4 and this issue happened every day. Also it seems the battery drained fast when my iphone connected to wifi. When there was no wifi connection, the battery draining seems slower or normal.”

On the thread, an Apple Community Specialist suggests getting the health of the iPhone 6’s battery checked. Apart from dozens of replies with the same problem, more than 800 users have ticked the “I have this question too” option on the original post. There currently seems to be no resolution for the issue just yet, however considering seeding for iOS 11.4.1 beta has been initiated, we can expect a fix to arrive on the stable update within the next few weeks.

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