23 Jul


Their are lots of customers who always complaining about the prices and thats why we are here to aware our valuable customers about original and refurbished phones.


USA phones comes in cheap prices because they are used but their are several qualities on that too. Refurbished phones are always looks new because of there casing changed.

Their are several steps which can explain in details about refurbishment.

1) Their are several models in iPhone and Samsung which have Imei at the back and with that we can check whether the phone is in genuine condition or refurbished.

2) In iPhone the main thing is LCD which can make the big fluctuation in prices and its not a piece of cake to check whether the LCD is genuine or local. We have a technical department who test the phone first then we put our investment and thats the only reason we provides money back warranty on all of our products. You can easily check the iPhone’s Imei at www.imei.info to check the colour of your phone and the activation date as this is the best way to check the originality of the phones.

About Chinese Refurbishment

Ahaan! Chinese refurbishment is the big issue for all of us because some times we are unable to check the clarity of the phones and that’s the only reason we don’t prefer F models (International Model) Kits as they only comes refurbished and no one can intercipate the clarity of Chinese refurbished phones.

Dual sim phones kit doesn’t comes from USA so if any one is guaranting that dual sim phones comes from USA so they are missleading their customers as American phones only comes with single sim. Their are several carriers of USA such as At&t, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular etc.. They all offers single sim only.

Important Codes to Check The Functionality:

Their are several codes which can make the solution to check the phone properly in few minutes.


This code is only works with Samsung phones and this code will make easy to check the whole functionality in just few seconds.


this code can work in all mobile phones for purpose to check the IMEI. With this code you can check the imei easily and don’t forget to check the back cover IMEI to see whether the phone is original or casing changed.

These are several steps with which you can check the originality of phones easily.

Zaibis Online Store, Zaibis Electronics always gather the attraction of valuable customers by providing them a good quality products at best prices. Our Aim is to provide the original products only so we can make our good name in this market and make good customers as much as we can. If you need any more information or Blog about any product so do not hesitate to email us at zaibiselectronics@gmail.com. We are always here to help our customers to educate them about the upcoming models of smart phones and their functionality.

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