31 Jul


Apple has released the fifth developer beta of iOS 12 for compatible iPhone and iPad models. The iOS developer beta 5 update includes a bunch of new features, including darker Control Center controls and a new splash screen for the preloaded Photos app. The Cupertino giant has also brought some evidence to hint at the development of a dual-SIM iPhone. Similarly, there is an imagery to suggest the development of an all-new AirPods that may include wireless charging support. The iOS developer beta 5 sets the stage for the first public release of iOS 12 that is likely to debut sometime in September. Alongside the new iOS beta version, Apple has brought the fifth developer beta of tvOS 12, macOS 10.14, and watchOS 5.

In the list of new features, iOS 12 developer beta 5 has references to “second SIM status” and a second SIM tray status”, as spotted by 9to5mac. The new version has a component called “dual sim device” to suggest the development of a dual-SIM iPhone model. It was previously reported that Apple is considering the launch of a dual-SIM card option for the larger iPhone model this year that could debut with a 6.5-inch display.

The presence of dual-SIM card option on the iPhone, if it becomes reality, will let users easily use two carriers simultaneously. A large number of Android smartphone vendors in markets such as India and China are already offering dual-SIM support on their flagships.

Apart from the evidence of dual-SIM support, as Apple Insider notes, iOS 12 developer beta 5 brings darker controls under Control Center and an increased Wallpaper saturation. The update also reportedly included new icons for media type albums in the Photos app alongside a new splash screen. Further, there is a new AirPods case imagery that apparently reveals a design change and the presence of Qi standard-based wireless charging. Apple has also added tweaks such as a ‘Share Across Devices’ toggle in the Screen Time section and a smaller text for the Clear All Notifications button to clear all the notifications. There are additionally new connecting and disconnecting tones for FaceTime.

The latest iOS developer beta also reveals new HomePod capabilities. These capabilities are designed to let users send and read messages, add reminders, create notes, and make phone calls using HomePod will be available sometime in future through the ‘Personal Requests’ feature. A HomePod OS private beta last week suggested the availability of voice call support through Apple’s smart speaker. Presently, users can’t directly make phone calls using the HomePod, though there is an option to transfer calls from an iPhone to the HomePod and use it as a speakerphone.

How to download iOS 12 developer preview 5

Apple users with all iOS 11-running iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models are eligible to get iOS 12 developer beta 5. This means the new version can be downloaded on devices including the iPhone 5s and later models, all iPad Air and iPad Pro models, iPad fifth generation and later models, iPad mini 2 and later models, and the iPod touch sixth generation.

If this is the first time you’re installing the iOS 12 developer beta, you need to begin the process by signing in to the Apple Developer Center. Alternatively, you can enrol in the Apple Beta Software Program with your Apple ID and get the latest experience through a new public beta version. It is recommended to install the beta software on a secondary iOS device as it may include some serious bugs. You are additionally advisable to backup your device before beginning the download process.

If you’re among the users who tested any previous developer or public beta release, you can download the latest version by going to Settings > General > Software Update. The device should have at least 50 percent battery or connected to the charger to install the update. You can also enable the Automatic Updates option from the Software Update screen to receive the future public beta releases automatically.

tvOS 12 developer beta 5

In addition to the fifth iOS 12 developer beta, Apple has brought tvOS 12 developer beta 5 that brings the option to access the screensaver swipe feature and view labels for some locations. Yo are also provided with Dolby Atmos settings to let you enable Dolby Atmos sound. Furthermore, the update addresses some of the bugs that emerged in the previous versions.

How to download tvOS 12 developer beta 5

You need to sign in to the Apple Developer Center to download the tvOS 12 beta configuration profile. Once downloaded, install the Apple Configuration app from the Mac App Store and then connect your fourth-generation Apple TV or Apple TV 4K to install the latest beta update.

macOS 10.14 developer beta 5

Apple has also brought macOS 10.14 developer beta 5 that includes a large number of new wallpapers. In the previous beta releases, the company already brought a narrower Mac App Store and a dark map in the Dark Mode. The operating system also received a couple of dynamic wallpapers and replaced the original Grab app with Screenshot.

How to download macOS 10.14 Movaje developer preview 5

You can download the latest macOS 10.14 Mojave beta by signing in to the Apple Developer Center. Once signed in, go to the Downloads tab and then scroll down and click on the Download button to begin the downloading process. After that, open your Downloads window and select the macOS Mojave Developer Beta Access Utility and then run the installer by double-clicking the macOSDeveloperBetaAccessUtility.pkg. This will bring the latest macOS beta through the Mac App Store. You’ll now just need to click the Update button to download and install the developer beta.

It is recommended to backup your data before beginning the download process. Also, we advise you to install the beta on a secondary device as you may face some glitches due to pre-public release bugs and issues.

watchOS 5 developer beta 5

For Apple Watch users, Apple has released watchOS 5 developer beta 5. The fixes some bugs that emerged from the past updates. As announced at WWDC last month, watchOS 5 brings offerings such as a Walkie-Talkie app, Podcast support, and a Siri-enabled watchface.

How to download watchOS 5 developer beta 5

You need to sign in to the Apple Developer Center. Once signed in, the watchOS 5 beta can be downloaded using the dedicated Apple Watch app on your iPhone by visiting General > Software Update. It is worth noting here that the Apple Watch needs to have at least 50 percent of battery and it must be placed on the charging dock as well as in the range of the connected iPhone to begin the update installation process. Since the beta update is likely to include several bugs, it is recommended to install the latest beta on a secondary device.

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